3/21/2021 to 5/29/2023

recourse work

reCourse work
Spring 2021 | Organized with Gloria Galvez

reCourse work is an open call for artists, authors, and performers to share ephemera related to their process of creating course work, lessons and syllabi. These include prompts, notes, sources, paystubs, outline drafts, or correspondences that shaped an art course.

LACA’s aim with this collection is to demystify how artist’s build pedagogical tools. The goal of the collection is to offer resources, and a varied perspective of life as art makers and educators today. We want to facilitate multiple entry points into knowledge building, by artists for artists, and for people interested in the arts.

Please share with us your materials related to the development of your course work and lesson plans. Contributions are an invitation to collaborate. We understand that your materials are your time and labor. Donate only what feels comfortable.

Currently gathering: Course work, lesson plans, prompts, syllabuses, slides, notes, or correspondences that shaped the course. With an emphasis on anti racist, sexist, LGBTphobic and class conscious related art teaching materials.