LITIA PERTA: Odes to the Missing: Missives, Errants, Emissaries
Friday April 1, 3-4pm

This workshop aims to orient a writing practice around loss, the missing, what is not there. What language best describes absence, voids, lacunae? How are sentences best constructed when what is at their center is something missing? How does the page play a role in this construction, or not? More than a technical inquiry, this hour will be devoted to getting near the "missing" inside each writer's emotional body, the heartmind. What are the ways that language itself is always doing this dance with the missing? What are the ways that missives organize around this empty center, a thing which is not there?

Litia Perta is a writer and thinker exploring alternative forms of kinship and the communications, creations, forms made possible within them. She lives in Los Angeles and is the Professor of Art Writing in the Department of Art at the University of California, Irvine.

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