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Saturday April 2, 4-5pm 

Thematically orbiting contemporary approaches to institutional critique, the LACA speaker series couples each essay with a speaker from among the curious who exist outside the academic setting.  Here, we ask individuals to take up the task of interpretation and re-presentation of these essays in short and speculative talks that illuminate the essential aspects of these theories all the while leaving room for conversation, discussion, disagreement and unity within the broader arts community.

To launch the LACA Reader/Speaker Series, Declan Bond Schweitzer presents and expands upon his essay "On the mood of the collector in the Digital Age." This essay attempts to gauge the meaning of some of the structural developments of the modern world by analyzing the concept of collection as it applies to the pre- and post-digital era.

It is possible to register on site or in advance by emailing with the title of the workshop in your subject line.