untitled [T-Kay - 21 Minute Mix]
Artist(s)/Author(s): T-Kay
Format: Audio, Digital File
Keywords: 21 Minute Mix
Reference Number: DO.32228.TK
Location: Digital Online
Acquisition Date: 2/9/2021
Collection: 21 Minute Mix

Sdds (shorthand for the untranslatable yet oft-cited Portuguese word 'saudades' most closely approximated for melancholic nostalgia and/or longing for what never was or what will never be again) is the underlying vibe for this mixtape. From the melodic spirituality of vintage gospel music to the hopeful soulful sounds of contemporary LA artists, I hope these tracks offer a comforting salve as you sit with your saudade. This one's dedicated to the beloveds we lost and were otherwise separated from during a global pandemic. 

SIDE A: Sdds 

01. Jimetta Rose & Voices of Creation - Let the Sun Shine In
02. Bill Withers - Lovely Day (Studio Rio version)
03. Pastor T.L. Barrett & The Youth for Christ Choir - Like A Ship
04. Willie Scott and the Birmingham Spirituals - Keep Your Faith to the Sky
05. The Supreme Jubilees - It'll All Be Over

SIDE B: An Archive of Feelings

01. Björk - I Miss You (Dobie Rub Part One - Sunshine Mix)
02. Ras G - Every Needs
03. James Blake - Love Me In Whatever Way
04. Mia Doi Todd - Kokoro
05. Teebs - Why Like This?
06. Flying Lotus - Auntie's Lock (with the Life Force Trio)

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