untitled [Jazmin Romero - 21 Minute Mix]
Artist(s)/Author(s): Jazmin Romero
Format: Audio, Digital File
Keywords: 21 Minute Mix
Duration: 21:00
Reference Number: DO.32225.RO
Location: Digital Online
Acquisition Date: 2/7/2021
Collection: 21 Minute Mix

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Let’s hope this tragic thing
Loosens it’s grip
So we can break free
And come out to play
And do what we were put on this earth to do.
Feel everything
Don’t put out the flame
Burning inside
Light it up
From time to time
Wish you luck
And see you on the other side

Hate the thought that I
Have to put it down in words
One way one time
The record of it
Bothers me
I know I’ll change my mind
Later I’ll change my mind
I was on a plane when I had the thought
I died in that sunny place
now I’m almost on the ground
To pay a visit to my grave


We jumped the fence here once
You were scared
I was occupied
Wondering if we might touch
What if we had touched ?

Come undone in front of me
Come to wake me
from a coma
I’m not here
Where am I

Its something like a burn I’ve felt
Inside me
Couldn’t tell at first
If I should
Feed it or extinguish it
It’s red and catching on everything around it
Thats near it
Leaves on the trees clothes and hair
It’s leaving behind an terrible stench

Days ago on the platform
Swimming thru people avoiding to look
Too deep into them
I couldn’t stand it
If someone really saw me
But then why do i go out all all ?
I tried to avoid tolook too deep into anyone
I couldnt stand if someone saw me
But then why do i go
out at all ?


We didn’t know what to do with each other’s company.
We didn’t know what to do with the time we said we’d spend together
You wrote that to me one time

Inside the supermarket, we glanced around looking for something to distracted ourselves
You’ll know when I’m angry or feeling shy
Because I’ll look away and you’ll never see my eyes.
You were dancing so well i couldn’t look


I never sleep anymore
But I’d like to
Shut the voices out of my head
And catch a wink for once
of peace just cause
I’m so tired


Fuck You
I can’t believe you
How could you
Peice of shit cowardmotherfucker
I will never forgive you
I will never speak to you
or help get rid of the grief
you will have to live with for
the rest of your life.
The worst part is that we are the only ones who know
Péndejo estupido cobarde
come mierda vales verga

You know who you are


Peace I’m out
I’ve been at the party 5 mins
And I already feel like boucing
There’s not even any chips
And everyone keeps
Bumming cigarettes
Off of me

It’s reminding me of that one stupid party
Where everyone is thirsty as fuck
All anyone does is look around
Stand around
Looking like something is going on
But there ain’t shit going on
That’s what this is
So peace I’m out.
Lates foo


It happened
My worst fear came true
Everything I showed you
Have made it to your conversations
Sacred places
Now not so secret
What I gave
Was not meant for anyone else/everyone
I’ll know better for next time
Who would have thought
You wouldn’t know the difference

I’ve only come here to feel
It’s my main purpose
To make a sacred experience
A leap of faith

I shoulda never
Comé mierda


Jazmin Romero
Born at USC medical center
Baptisted at Nuestra Ríena de Los Ángeles
Never attended a born and raised party
Knows the difference between guisados and El Paisano
Remembers Antojitos Carmen
Whittier Blvd
The Sound Of Music
U Burnt the spot :(
ID-card-man at Mac park
Pescado Mojado
Casanova #2
Frank Romeros “ The Arrest of the Paleteros”
Secret entry to the LA river
Backyard metal y punk

My Name is JAZ :

You have to see
To know

I relate to artist of deviant nature
Because sometime you gotta break the rules
So the people who make the rules
Will listen


They gave me a chair
And told me to sit down

Anyone could see
It’s written in papers
I don’t give a fuck
Why do what they say
The gates are too high up
And no one will see us
Your acting like a cop
Get rid of that instinct
To tell me what to do

I’m drunk and I’m angry
And what’s lefts to say
But I’ll let you be crazy
Don’t tell me what to do

I’m tied in a knot
Stuck in my pain
It’s not like me
To hold on to rage
But I know
It’s not the first time
This lucha that ive seen

Who are you and
Why am I here
Does it make you angry
To feel all you do
Does rage make you want to
Does wrath make you want to cum
Does feeling perverse
Come naturally to you
I’d like to take the wrath and
Sling it out to the
Furthest rock
Until it sticks
And turns to dust
And never see
Not a speck of it
Ever again
Who, when and how
Are questions
I’m not
Asking today
and the heat
Makes me feel alive
Enough to pull
A Stranger
Any Stranger
The cave of my body

I’ll let my hands
Speak for me
What my mouth
Can easily do
Does me petting you
Send heat
Down your spine
Can I make your chest
Spin like sleek chrome
Like silver beads inside

Does wrath make you want to cum
Does feeling perverse
Come naturally to you

Does Rage Make You Want To Fuck


The Wash
The River
The Ballona creek is a place where beautiful people walk
I watch a boy with spray cans paint the word
DOZE ornamented with a crown in black and white
Under the shade of the underpass

I tried to shoot the shit with him but he
seemed too busy ,Or I must have interrupted his flow

Beautiful people walk here Still
I imagine the ground and how it must have felt
Before it was paved with cement
When men on horseback would walk a pretty girl home.

I can feel that heat still
rising through the pavement and
I will it to reach my heart space
To soothe my aches
I came here to get out of my thoughts
But like a fruit fly
I’m fixated on the bruised fruit
No cold water splash
Not another sobbing fit
Not the heat of a seranade delivered on horseback
has burned the way this does


I’ve been going out
I heard your name around
I shrug and pretend im not curious

This place is a vessel
A hole it’s a trap
For my mind
To go back
In circles

Last weeks live hole
Was a walk in the park
Now I’m walking alone
My eyes left to wander

Take my hand
I like a chance to say
I said what I said

You belong to me

I saw the clock when you turned away
tho i pretend I don’t care
We’ve got questions for
each of the ways
we used to play here

It’s far enough it doesn’t hurt the way me like always used to
I'm living fine I don’t pick flowers from the tree of memory

I forgot the feeling
I walked so far from everybody
The chill still stuck in my spine
I want it to stay

I’m awake inside
And your here with me

You can
Ask me about my dreams
But I don’t sleep much
Its hard to face the room
When they look like they do
Trusted you could name
The diference in the two
Gave you credit even
When you didnt

Maybe I can ask them to slow down for me
Said I’d drown before I turn in

Everyone around well they don’t mean much

If i were willed or strong enough to speak


We are the same amount of broke
We can do broke people things
Doubles on the train
“Be Broke with me Baby”
Dollar slices
god help me
menthol lucys
PA the lower east side
work the freelance hustle
get the money

“Be Broke with me Baby please
be broke with me”

Excerpts :
“CoCo chandelier” on Youtube
“Lulluby *nasty novela take 3” ,The Cure


Well what did you think ?
Did you like it ?
You liked it huh ?
I Liked it too
That was fun
This tape is dedicated to all the
Deviant Romantix out there
To all of you loving in the ways
They tell you
your not supposed to love

Send me a message sometime
I’d Love to Hear from
Been Missing You
My Friend
Te Veo
Al Rato

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