Purple and Orange Memorial Album
Format: Audio
Keywords: Old News, Vinyl News
Edition: 300
ISBN: 978-87-91409-69-1
Series: Vinyl News
City Produced/Published: Copenhagen
Reference Number: ST.19806.SU
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 6/2/2016
Copies: 1

Old News is a project about information, media and recycled, reprinted news. It is a non-profit newspaper presenting a selection of articles, images and words clipped from newspapers. The articles have all been chosen by individual artists for the purpose of redistributing the news. Old News is a second-generation, copyright-free newspaper. The Old News newspaper is free. This is the second issue of Vinyl News. The Old News project will be presented at different exhibition venues and take on many different shapes and forms. Jacob Fabricius, September 2012


A: 1. Have You Heard the News 2. Cup Into Blue

B: 1. Have You Heard the News (original) 2. Purple and Orange

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