Artist(s)/Author(s): Alice Grandoit, S. Leimbach
Format: Book
Edition: First Edition
City Produced/Published: Los Angeles
Reference Number: ST.31644.GR
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 9/3/2020
Copies: 1

In 2018, a group of practitioners within the arts, science, public service, and commerce were invited to engage in creative dialogue across different communities and disciplines within Los Angeles. This series of participatory workshops exploring community, influence, responsibility, and place through shared discourse is known as Ours.

This publication includes artifacts, ephemera, and references gathered to tell the visual and auditory narrative of Ours. The hope is that it will serve as a “yearbook” of sorts for Ours participants to reference as we continue the conversation, and a case study for social practitioners to reference as they organize future experiences in Los Angeles. 


Christine Cha, Adam John Cooper,  Walter Thompson Hernandez, Bri LeRose, Justen LeRoy, Priya Nayak, Xavier Odemns, Cindy Stratos, Jacqulyn Whang, Miya Folick, Brandon Malone, Jim Olofsson, Free Oribhabor, Rey Robles, Luke Sirimongkhon, Daleen Saah, Niv Bavarsky, and Nu Goteh.





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