Le Grand En Jeu - Vademecum Ludorum
Artist(s)/Author(s): Claire Ebendinger
Format: Digital File
Edition: 1/1
Number of Pages: 265
Date Aired/Exhibited: 10/12/2020
City Produced/Published: Bergen
Reference Number: DO.31660.EB
Location: Digital Online
Acquisition Date: 10/12/2020

Le Grand En Jeu - Vademecum Ludorum is an archive of my theoretical research on play and childhood, which are both artistically and personaly essential topics. The book intends to capture the state of my research at one point in time, and in one possible articulation. The submitted edition is a 265 pages, coil bound, A5 book printed on a xerox machine. The content is written in French and English.

This research was originally stored on a Facebook group, which was contraining in terms of format. Printing out, cutting out and collaging the different images and texts allowed more playfulness in finding surprising encounters. This helped finding some critical articulation within the mass of information.

At this stage, this book is more of a working document, nonetheless it is an important step in my process, which I believe is relevant with Laca’s institutional project of documenting and sharing artist’s process.

-Claire Ebendinger

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