Reference Number: ST.31636.AL
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Acquisition Date: 8/20/2020
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Facing is an exhibition that addresses questions of Latina/o or identity through figuration and portraiture, while also questioning the limits of the genre itself. What are the signifiers of Latina/o identity? Who determines them? And how can they account for a state of becoming?

Each of the artists in this exhibition are of Latina/o or descent and resides within Southern California. This exhibition hopes to build a dialogue between young artists of Latina/o descent and those of older generations whose work is currently being exhibited throughout Southern California for the PST LA/LA initiative.

Accompanying the exhibition is a publication of writings from Nikki Darling, Alexis Disselkoen, Angel Dominguez, Raquel Gutiérrez, Paul Pescador, Iván Ramos and Félix Solano Vargas.

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