An Alternate Reality Where Mello Yello Is More Popular Than Mtn Dew
Artist(s)/Author(s): Christian Patterson
Format: Book
Keywords: poetry
Number of Pages: 58
Dimensions: 4 x 6
ISBN: 978-0997298611
Publisher: Fog Machine
Date Published/Produced: 6/1/2016
City Produced/Published: Portland
Reference Number: OS.32028
Location: Oversized Stacks
Acquisition Date: 12/11/2020
Copies: 1
Collection: John Burtle
Donated By: John Burtle

Multicolored clouds converging--pyrotechnic arrows slamming into the chest--an apology that no one hears--Christian Patterson has crafted a strange kind of light orb that feels totally, 100% extraterrestrial. His poems oscillate between ego and id and disembodied bedroom and Taco Bell, and the whole time, it's like he's not even paying attention. He could be blindfolded. What an honor to be alive with these poems.

-Luis Neer, author of Extinction

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