The Double, Shadow, and Enemy pt. II (The Notebook Episode)

“This is the living room edition. It’s the notebook episode. This is where things get personal.” 

Matilda Tjäder presents a new performance in the wishing for more cycle; a performance series by a fictive entrepreneur whose subjective form is increasingly fragmented by continuous transformation. Learning and un-learning from its environment, its subjectivity—like water—flows, seduces, and breaks. A void opens onto another zone in which a new map is drawn, “but remember, the map is not the territory.” Taking place in the midst of sound and visuals, each episode draws from its site-specificity whilst rendering the invisible visible. With a bouquet of nettles,  Tjäder welcomes you to her chamber. The performance is the culmination of her residency at LACA (Los Angeles Contemporary Archive) this April and a reiteration of a recent performance shown at The Geffen Contemporary, during the LAABF 2019. 

Sleeve by Felix Riemann (@felis.r
Clothes by Helena Manzano (@helenamanzano
'Music for 1 piano and four hands' composed and performed in collaboration with Alex Pierce (@c0bweaver), mastered by Daniel Tjäder 


Matilda Tjäder works with text that is directed, performed, sounded, and sculpted into varying forms of media. Observing the interface between fictional and real events as source material, Tjäder often works in collaborative and conversational bodies; as part of a London-based Spec-Fiction-Writing collective, co-editor of the game-book project, The Key Cutters Series, co-founder of the artistic project Human Interference Task Force (HITF), and as the co-curator of Minibar, Stockholm (2014-2017). For one year, she has been growing and cultivating the wishing for more-cycle; a world-building project with a fictional persona as protagonist. Tjäder is based in London where she graduated with a MA in Cultural Studies from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2018. 

Saturday April 27, 8PM.