12/10/2020 to 2/6/2021

Box (a proposition for ten years)
Patricia Fernández and Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA) at Commonwealth and Council

Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA) is pleased to share a new collection, Box (a proposition for ten years), and exhibition with artist Patricia Fernández at Commonwealth and Council.

Launching December 11th: An online archive of the time-based sculpture, Box (a proposition for ten years). The box is in its 8th year of development and was initiated by artist Patricia Fernández and Commonwealth and Council founder, Young Chung. As an annual tradition, Fernández and Chung exhibit the artwork and its changing contents—repurposed fragments, writings, drawings, paintings, and sculptural elements. This year, the box’s contents will be accessible on LACA’s database, including the artist’s descriptive meta-data of each object and photo documentation.

Opening January 7th: At Commonwealth and Council, viewers are invited to engage with the box and components of its archive. The exhibition contains three banners that serve as a Finding Aid or map, collating information on the archive’s contents and system of organization. Additionally, two individual vinyl records will be playing interviews with Fernández and Chung, conducted by LACA’s Director, Hailey Loman. One record covers the project’s origins and ongoing relationship with Commonwealth and Council. The other recording memorializes the box through Fernández’s own reflections on corresponding and object sharing with Chung. The record plays within a hand-carved wooden record player, marked with x-motifs shared across Fernández’s and her grandfather’s woodcarving practices. 

The box, it’s ephemera, and its archive, display the nuances of interpersonal relationships. This includes promises between the artist and Commonwealth and Council, as well as, terms that bind the archivist and the artist. We invite you to consider where the act of archiving overlaps with the authorship of artwork. How does someone archive a relationship—with a space, with a friend—  through an exchange of objects, unanswered letters, and things left unspoken? 



December 11th now on view:
Box (a proposition for ten years) Archive  at LACA can be viewed HERE.

January 7-February 6th

Box (a proposition for ten years) at Commonwealth and Council

TBA a talk between Patricia Fernández Carcedo and Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA)


Box (a proposition for 10 years) is a capsule of a ten-year work-in-progress and exchange between Patricia Fernández Carcedo and the recipient of the box's contents, Young Chung. The items include a variety of letters, found and created objects, and paintings. The digital archive can be viewed HERE. 

Patricia Fernández (b. 1980, Burgos, Spain; lives and works in Los Angeles) received an MFA from California Institute of the Arts and a BFA from University of California, Los Angeles. Fernández has had solo exhibitions at California State University, Bakersfield Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos, Spain; 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica; and LA><ART, Los Angeles. Selected group exhibitions were held at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles; Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, CA; Orange County Museum of Art, Santa Ana; Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles; Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery; Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; and Clifton Benevento, New York. Fernández is a recipient of the Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant for Painters and Sculptors; Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant; the Speranza Foundation Lincoln City Fellowship, France-Los Angeles Exchange Grant.

Autonomous Oral History Group (AOHG) is a cooperative examining ethics operating in leadership roles. All interviews, recordings, transcriptions and ephemera collected during the process are assembled and made accessible as an oral history collection. 

AOHG Records
Young Chung and Patricia Fernández’s vinyl LP’s are both available for PRESALE HERE
You can also purchase records through Commonwealth and Council and Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA) by contacting the spaces directly. 

Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA) is an art archive, library, and exhibition platform that collects underexposed artistic modes of expression happening in our current moment. Challenging established concepts of the archive and art space, LACA sustains a unique experimental environment for critical inquiry, artistic research, and public dialogue. The collection at LACA is artist–run, meaning that living artists are donating, deciding what is valuable and generating language for inventorying their work on their own terms. LACA is not affiliated with a larger institution and as such, it maintains an archive free from limitations associated with prevailing, traditional structures.

Photography © Evan Walsh