Alternative Libraries and Archives

A People's Archive of Police Violence, Online
ABC No Rio Zine Library, New York, NY
Aeromoto, CDMX, Mexico
Alternative Press Center, Baltimore, MD
Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, Online
Antiarchive, Online
Archive/Counter-Archive, Canada
Archivo Vórtice, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Arizona Queer Archive, Online
Artpool Art Research Center, Budapest, Hungary
Asia Art Archive, Brooklyn, NY 
Bibliotheca, Online
Bibliothek Andreas Züst, Oberegg, Switzerland 
Blvck Vrchives, Online 
Book Truck, Mobile 
Browne Popular Culture Library, Bowling Green, OH 
Casa Plana, Sao Paulo, Brasil 
Center for Art + Environment (Nevada Museum of Art), Reno, NV 
Center for the Study of Political Graphics, Culver City, CA 
Chicana Por Mi Raza Digital Memory Project, Online 
Chicano Research Center, Stockton, CA 
Civic Media Center, Gainesville, FL 
Compulsive Archive, Milan, Italy 
Critical Theory Index, Online 
Cybernetics Library, New York, NY 
Dallas Jewish Historical Society, Dallas, TX 
Digital Transgender Archive, Online 
Dirt Palace, Providence, RI 
Downtown Collection at the Fales Library (NYU), New York, NY 
Durland Alternative Library (Cornell University), Ithaca, NY 
Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind, Durham, NC 
Fathom Library, Mobile 
Feminist Library on Wheels, F.L.O.W. Los Angeles, Mobile
FFBIZ-das feministische Archiv, Berlin, Germany 
Fort Worth Jewish Archives, Fort Worth, TX 
Franklin Furnace Archive, Brooklyn, NY 
Freedom Archives, San Francisco, CA 
GLBT Historical Society , San Francisco, CA 
Hopscotch Reading Room, Berlin, Germany 
Independent Publishing Resource Center, Portland, OR 
Interference Archive, Brooklyn, NY 
Internet Archive, San Francisco, CA 
Invisible Histories Project, Online 
June L. Mazer Lesbian Archives, Los Angeles, CA 
La Fanzinoteca, Mobile 
La Historia Historical Society Museum, Los Angeles, CA 
La Modesta, Mobile 
Last Word Books & Press and the Olympia 'Zine Library, Olympia, WA 
Leather Archives & Museum, Chicago, IL 
Left Bank Books, Seattle, WA 
Lesbian Herstory Archives, Brooklyn, NY 
Letterform Archive, San Francisco, CA 
Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, Los Angeles, CA 
Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library, Oakland, CA 
ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives at the USC Libraries, Los Angeles, CA 
Open by Appointment, Venice, Italy 
Prelinger Library, San Francisco, CA 
Provisions Library (George Mason University), Fairfax, VA 
Quatrefoil Library, Minneapolis, MN 
Queer Archives Institute, Warsaw, Poland 
Queer Undefined, Online 
Queer.Archive.Work, Providence, RI
Queer Zine Library, Mobile 
QZAP, Online 
React Feminism Performing Archive, Berlin, Germany 
Read/Write Library, Chicago, IL 
Reading Room, Milano, Italy 
Reading Room, Mobile 
Reading Zimbabwe, Online 
Reanimation Library, Brooklyn, NY 
Roaming Center for Magnetic Alternatives, Mobile
Rubber Library and Flower Bodega, New Orleans, LA 
Salon für Kunst Buch, Wien, Austria 
Samoa House Library, Auckland, New Zealand 
Sarah Doyle Zine Collection, Providence, RI 
Skid Row History Museum & Archive, Los Angeles, CA 
Sorted Library, Brooklyn, NY 
South Asian American Digital Archive (SAADA), Online 
Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research, Los Angeles, CA 
Southland Institute archive of archives, Online
Stone Soup Anarchist Lending Library, Worcester, MA 
Tamarack Free Library, Oakland, CA 
Tarrant County Black Historical and Genealogical Society, Fort Worth, TX 
Teorética, San José, Costa Rica 
Texas After Violence Project, Austin, TX 
Thai Art Archives, Bangkok, Thailand 
The ArQuives, Toronto, Ontario, CA 
The Chimurenga Library, Online 
The Dallas Way, Dallas, TX 
The Free Black Women's Library, Mobile 
The Garden Library for Refugees and Migrant Workers, Tel Aviv, Israel 
The Gun Violence Archive, Online 
The Librvry, Online 
The Morgan Cowles Archive, Online 
The People’s Forum Library, New York, NY 
The Reanimation Library, Brooklyn, NY 
Trumbullplex Zine Library, Detroit, MI 
Visual Communications Archives, Los Angeles, CA 
Wendy's Subway, Brooklyn, NY 
WORM Pirate Bay, Rotterdam, Holland 
YAXS, Guatemala, Ciudad de Guatemala 
Zentrum für Künstlerpublikationen, Bremen, Germany 


this list is, of course, incomplete; to contribute please email