ALLISON CONNER: Disentangling Poetics 

How do you deal with creative blocks, anxieties or funks? How do you sustain a habitual creative practice while also remaining open to serendipities, detours, and bottomless depths? In this workshop, we will attempt to venture away from our usual ways of making and doing. Together we will move through a series of writing exercises and experiments with an intention of channeling hidden imaginative reserves. 

Our prompts are inspired by and/or will reference: How to Write (more) by Libros Antena, Grapefruit by Yoko Ono, Tarot imagery, Bhanu Kapil, CA Conrad, Oulipo, Bernadette Meyer, and others.

Allison Conner is a writer, editor, and zine maker. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in ATTN, Jacket2, The Volta Blog, Art Book Review, and elsewhere. She enjoys exploring ways in which publishing can realign our notions of community, activation, resistance, and healing. She is an assistant fiction editor for The Offing and the print lab manager at the Women's Center for Creative Work. 

It is possible to register on site or in advance by emailing with the title of the workshop in your subject line.