2/10/2018 to 3/10/2018

Death Production: The Archive of Janna Flessa
Executed by Nick Flessa

Nick Flessa performs the production and execution of his mother's archive in exhibition format, including a reading area and additional programming at Los Angeles Contemporary Archive. Enunciating a hidden poetics, he collaborates with the physical traces of her finished and unfinished works, speaking through the arrangement of these objects while also allowing the objects to speak. The objects show the merging of an individual voice with mass-produced, prosumer technologies and surfaces, as re-imagined by the artist as family archivist. This is a multimedia archive and exhibition including prefabricated running journals, watercolor painting, drawing, poetry, fiction, unfinished books, recipe cards, audio recordings and video as well as other ephemeral objects. It will be accessible at LACA for one month before it is returned to its home in Clermont County, Ohio.  

This archive is a generative space for a fragmented production cut short by death. It is here reanimated by its living executor to emphasize what was unspoken in the life of its subject: mental illness, spiritual fatigue and internalized self-destruction within a regional white patriarchy. But also the personal and quotidian: poetic appreciations as documents of lived experience, a deep relationship with her son and daughter, a relentless personal art practice, a cosmic bond with the family dog. 

February 10 - March 10, 2018

Los Angeles Contemporary Archive
709 N Hill Street Suite 104-8
Los Angeles, California 90012