[Materials From Indecent Exposure]
Artist(s)/Author(s): Margie Schnibbe
Format: Archive Item, Paper Document(s)
Date Aired/Exhibited: 4/12/2017
City Produced/Published: Los Angeles
Reference Number: 30032.Sc
Acquisition Date: 1/12/2018
Collection: Human Resources
Donated By: Hugo Cervantes

Includes 1 promotional postcard image still from I Had Sex with A gigolo on Reality TV (2015) and a video program guide.

"Indecent Exposure is a retrospective of Margie Schnibbe’s sexually explicit videos and includes over twenty years of work. Paying homage to Cinemaland, the building’s previous tenants, the main gallery is utilized as a casual movie theater, with a ninety-nine minute video program projected as a continuous loop. The seating arrangements are comfortable and migratory; viewers are encouraged to sit close together or far apart, to mingle, to come and go as they please. The upstairs galleries are spaces for invited artists to create intimate performances that encourage participation. The lobby operates as a bar and gift shop. The exhibition is organized by John E. Kush, and will be open nightly."


[margie schnibbe mistress samantha diet doctor underground film video sm dominatrix]

Mistress Samantha


A West Village dominatrix puts her 400 lb. love slave on an S/M Diet and the power of the hidden phallus is revealed.

original format: 8mm (analog) video

TRT 12:56 min.


[dog dildo underground film punk rock paul ena kostabi youth gone mad Margie Schnibbe super 8 film]

Hans Object of Desire


A dog, a dildo, a punk rock song. Hans attempts to negotiate the realtionship between subject and object.

Music by Paul Kostabi/Youth Gone Mad

original format s-8 film edited transferred to analog video (16 mm version also available)

TRT 2:15 min.


[margie schnibbe ryan morales kostable world soho 1990s peepshow]

Art Farm

ART FARM (1995)

Margie invites a go-go dancer to perform at Mark Kostabi's studio as a German tourist high on crack reads Heidegger's The Origin of the Work of Art (Der Ursprung des Kunstwerkes) in Margie's room at the Hotel 17. Starring Ryan Morales.

original format 8mm (analog) video

TRT: 06:12 min.


[margie schnibbe hotel 17 abstract underground sex video led zeppelin squeeze my lemon]

First Date


Margie gets her Lemon Squeezed by an anonymous hung stud and has flashbacks of former fuck buddies in this psychedelic camcorder porn flick. Soundtrack by Led Zeppelin.

original format 8mm (analog) video with effects

TRT 6:39 min.


[Catfight video girl girl wrestling video girls wrestle topless Amateur wrestling video Margie Schnibbe and Chuck Bronco.]


TEAPARTY! (with Chuck Bronco) (2001)

Buffy and Mrs.Beasley are the best of friends. But when Mrs. Beasley gets mean, the girls take it to the wrestling ring and Buffy fights dirty! Teaparty! is a campy raucous romp with two Hollywood strippers. Starring: Shandy & Scarlett.

original format hi-8 video (analog)

TRT 8:30 min.


[tweek tweeker tweak crystal meth margie schnibbe underground videos here]


TWEAK (2002)

Margie subverts the male gaze in this autoerotic portrait of a flaccid and unintelligible speed freak who happens to be quite handsome.

original format hi-8 infrared video (analog)

TRT 5:26 min.


[vena virago nietzsche bangers nietzsche porn margie schnibbe tyler knight veronica jett hustler video vca pictures]

Tyler Knight & Veronica Jett in Nietzsche Bangers

NIETZSCHE BANGERS (trailer) (2005)

This is the spec scene that got VCA/Hustler to finance the SilverLake Scenesters porn feature.

original format: digital video (SD)

TRT 0:42 min.


[chemical warfare slayer jerry the priest los angeles housekeeper margie schnibbe vena virago]

Crystal Cleans My

House of Conscience

Crystal Cleans My House of Conscience (2005)

Performance artist Jerry the Priest experiences chemical warfare while cleaning Margie's house. Music by Slayer.

original format: digital video with effects (SD)

TRT: 3:59 min.


[silver lake porn los angeles silverlake scenesters john e depth haley scott]

Haley Scott & John E. Depth in Silver Lake Scenesters


SilverLake Scenesters is a steamy sexual peek through the windows of the country’s most eclectic zip code. Meet my porn star neighbors and discover what really goes down after the NY Times calls your neighborhood a hip and happening place. Distributor: Hustler Video.

original format: digital video (SD)

TRT 1 min.


[eastside story porn vena virago margie schnibbe vivid alt]

Eastside Story: Page Morgan & Michelle Aston


Eastside Story (trailer) (2007)

This is about real people, and the real stories that define them sexually... Eastside Story takes us into the heart of East LA, and into the hearts of an eclectic group of porn performers. They tell tales on camera, then fuck as part of a series of art installations. Eastside Story is part documentary, part abstract painting, and all-out hardcore. distributor: Vivid Entertainment.

original format: digital video (SD)

TRT: 1 min.


[margie schnibbe case 1112 forty is the new 14 vena virago]

Case 1112

Case 1112: Forty is the New 14 (2008)

An autobiographical portrait of a compulsive and sentimental masturbator: inspired by Richard Von Krafft-Ebing's "Psychopathia Sexualis" first published in 1919.

original format: digital video (SD)

TRT: 5:10 min.


[vena virago margie schnibbe video honey bunny marie luv dino bravo vivid alt vivid entertainment]

Honey Bunny: Marie Luv & Dino Bravo

Honey Bunny (trailer)(2008)

Thumping sex and candy colored worlds implode with the innocence of desire as Vena Virago returns with this abstract vision of triple-x. After reading a fanzine about Vena Virago’s life, Page Morgan is propelled on a journey of sex, obsession and transcendence - playfully discussing rabbits along the way. With HONEY BUNNY, Virago offers a unique insight into her own persona as artist and pornographer, delivering a multifaceted work that exists as a film, a performance piece and an art show. distributor: Vivid Entertainment

original format: digital video (SD)

TRT: 1min.


[margie schnibbe video]

The Cowboy

The Cowboy (2010)

Margie reminisces about a regular client from her past profession as a bleach blond dominatrix in an S/M House.

original format/source footage: 16mm film from Prelinger Archives/screening format: digital video

TRT: 6:39 min.


[margie schnibbe gregory barnett video]

A Brief Portrait of

Gregory @ Age 30

A Brief Portrait of Gregory @ Age 30 (2012)

Vena Virago pays a visit to Gregory art studio and gets a private show. Starring: Gregory Barnett.

original format: digital video (HD)

TRT: 10:04 min.


[margie schnibbe video bareback phD]

Bareback PhD

Bareback PhD (2013)

Online Hookup Gone Wrong: A failed academic suffering from erectile dysfunction asks Margie to engage in unprotected sex and Margie refuses. Starring Jukistar + friends at the Silver Lake dog park. Voiceover by Tom Gulager

original format digital video (SD)

TRT: 5:08 min.

[margie schnibbe vena virago gigolos showtime vin armani]

Sex with a Gigolo

I Had Sex with a Gigolo on Reality TV (2015) DV

Margie (aka Vena) has a date with a hot feminist gigolo on Showtime's reality television series about the lives of five male escorts in Las Vegas.

original format: digital video (HD) screening format: bootleg video recorded from TV without permission

TRT: 7:51 min.


[vena virago Luc Notsnad margie schnibbe berlin]

I Am a Tourist

I Am a Tourist I Would Like to See Him Naked (2015)

First German lesson to learn your way around Berlin. Starring Luc Notsnad.

original format: digital video (HD)

TRT 4:20 min.


[margie schnibbe video womens work]

Women's Work

Women's Work (2016)

While performing a mundane household task Margie is reminded of a poem whe wrote while working as a dominatrix in the nineteen-nineties.

original format: digital video (HD)

TRT: 1:08 min.


[Broken Hearts are for Assholes margie schnibbe max carson]

Broken Hearts are for Assholes

Broken Hearts are for Assholes (2016)

A hot exhibitionist helps Margie heal her broken heart. Starring Max Carson. Title taken from the Frank Zappa song.

original format: digital video (HD) with s-8 film

TRT: 8:41


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