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Incendiary Traces invites viewers to draw the landscape of the Mediterranean within the virtual battlespace of Arma 3. Arma 3 is an open world, military simulation game sited on the fictional island of Atlis, inspired by the real-life Greek island of Lemnos. Derived from US and UK military training simulations, the game imitates real NATO operations that have increased in the region since 2016. In 2012, while the game was in development, two Arma 3 developers vacationing on Lemnos were arrested by Greek authorities, charged with espionage and imprisoned for 129 days for photographing Greek military installations. Drawing in situ, we will look closely at Arma 3’s version of this landscape in conflict, and consider the politics of visualizing the southern EU border.

Incendiary Traces is a collective art and research project focused on visualizing the landscape of international conflict. www.incendiarytraces.org

Image Credits
Image courtesy of Arma 3
Jena Lee | View from the ridge of platoon leader's location, DICE-T, 2013 | Photo credit: Ian Byers-Gamber

Happening at Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA)
November 5, 2017
2-5 PM

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