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Distributed Web of Care is an initiative to code to care and code carefully. In January 17, 2019 6 – 8 PM at LACA, Taeyoon Choi will lead a skillshare about his archival process using centralized, decentralized, distributed and peer to peer networks. Taeyoon will share his ongoing research with a critical perspective towards technology, ethics, justice and sensitivity to the concept of personhood. He will show the current status of his archive from teaching and organizing at the School for Poetic Computation along with various technical, conceptual, studio practices. For those who are interested in hands-on experience with Peer to Peer protocol such as Dat, please bring your laptop. However a laptop will not be necessary to participate in the skillshare.  

Suggested readings

Reboot World by Paul Ford
Meet Ray Johnson, the Greatest Artist You’ve Never Heard Of by Rachel Tashjian
My website is a shifting house next to a river of knowledge. What could yours be? by Laurel Schwulst
Distributed Web of Care by Taeyoon Choi
Ethics and Archiving the Web by Distributed Web of Care
At the New York Tech Zine Fair, the Digital and the Tactile Converge by Megan N. Liberty
Low-tech Magazine

Capacity 15 Participants RSVP 

Event: January 17, 6-8 PM
Residency: January 12-18

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